Friday, June 10, 2005

Absolutely not same old

Part 1
In which she skips over any explanations or excused for her paucity of blogging of late and cuts to the chase that her life has become.
  1. I survived a winter without putting on the weight I lost in the fall
  2. I got a promotion at work and am now officially middle management
  3. I'm getting married.
  4. Chabad called me up and ask me if I'd plan their gala welcome back event for the Rebbe

I am ecstatically happy.

He's wonderful (I dont mean Schneerson) but for the sake of the marriage having any kind of chance of surviving he will remain the elusive A on this blog. (I am yet to come up with a cutesy blog partner nickname aka mousespouse or mrs anglosaxy and am not entirely sure I want to.)

Part 2
In which she gives a leetle leetle beet more detail in whats been happening in her life and insights thereof, soon to follow (really.... I'm going to NY in less than two weeks specifically to have time to read, write, think and be creative so I promise i will have time to do this)