Monday, May 15, 2006

testing 123

anybody out there?

methinks that my previous post may have accidentally been a prophetic metaphor for my blog's demise. (something like its ok just to stop - nothing to prove blah blah)

well it is true, two months and not a whimper.

two relatively uneventful months with such highlights as
-- my first seder and pesach with A (spent with rest of my family...)
-- chucking out 2 huge boxes of notes - and nine years of procrastination -- for my (unfinished) masters to make room for yuppy type wicker chairs on our mirpeset
-- trying to use recently learned mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques -- an interesting course to begin a week after your wedding
-- finally reconnecting with a writing group after a year's hiatus

hmmm hmmm
definite materials for thoughts and writing

then again i'm not the only one who seems to have taken a blog break -- this crowd seems to have as well (although this one's still in blog celebratory phase - oh the energy of the young)

and anyway i could choose to write about other kinds of things or in a different style ....
i know creatively i just need to write. the question is whether this is still the/a place to do it

hmmm hmmm
let me think this one out.