Sunday, September 19, 2004

new year new ways

With apologies to Ani Difranco and Dayvilles I finally launch myself on the blog scene. Couple of years too late to be avante guarde but my new years resolutions are
1) To not deny myself the fun of something just because everybody else is doing it and its not hard or original (habit goes way back - from banana clips and having a perm to drinking and living in Tel Aviv to mention a few... )
2) To be open to my creativity, potential and other self help blah blah wisdoms that I look forward to both preaching and mocking in this column
3) To experiment with not revealing everything straight away -- an exercise in not-labelling, starting with myself . Hence lack of my name on this site (that is if I've managed to set this up properly)

Happy New Year to you all

PS thanks to TalG who I met over a festive meal for kicking me into gear to do this and to Harry for being the only blogger inspirational enough (or just funny) for me to check regularly