Monday, December 05, 2005

less than a month

its less than a month before we get married
its less than 12 hours before i go to kishinev for a three day work trip
i'm more than excited to go -- its a study trip really so it promises to be inspiring and a break.
i'm more than ready to get married already.

the last few months have whizzed by and dragged at the same time.

normal life is on hold as we are stuck between memories of the 'simple times' when we were just going out - frolicking in meadows with no worries in the world (it is remarkable how 5 months of alternate angst can be wiped by a selective engaged memory) and married life visualized as an oasis of time together not worrying about planning a gala event and just being (naive perhaps but amuse us we're pre-newly weds).

life has become one big checklist of minor details that i would never have imagined i could imagine, keep track of or care about. and scattered among these intricacies are even more lessons for A and I to learn.

thank g-d we do seem to be learning.

we may never have to plan something like this again but we've discovered things about ourselves on the way -- tendencies, traits, patterns, indiosyncracies -- that will be pertinent in the future. i think we're doing ok, becoming aware of them, helping each other make slight shifts amd adjustments, loving each other even when thats hard.

i keep thinking that if our biggest worry and annoyance in life is planning our wedding we will be doing very well so with all the moaning its a good basic training to have gone through.

the best thing we're doing now is trying to focus on being present and conscious at the time. being aware of the celebration that it is without guilting ourselves or expecting too much. letting go of the ifs and the buts and getting ready to enjoy what will be.

its less than a month....